What are Transformative Mindfulness Methods?

Transformative Mindfulness Methods include a series of simple, natural healing methods and meditations that empower adults and youth to change their response to problems that plague them and strengthen positive qualities, deepening acceptance of themselves and compassion for others. These methods can also draw on the power of the mind to help yourself and others to reduce or eliminate physical and mental pain. They assist in clarifying spiritual challenges associated with terminal illness and times of transition and deep questioning. These very simple but effective receptive visualizations, meditations and exercises can be coupled with drawing, writing or dialogue. 

When using these methods to overcome challenges, they begin with the power of mindfulness meditation which focuses on sensations of discomfort or pain, allowing it to lose considerable power and urgency simply by being observed as separate. This deconditions the alarm reactivity.

With some of these methods, we take these methods a step further with a step by step transformative inquiry.

By using mindfulness to access and accept  the uncomfortable sensations in the body, whether physical pain or the physical affect of mental pain, we observe, acknowledge and then allow the sensation to be represented by metaphors or words. Through this, we actively access underlying psychological causes in a receptive way, permitting the changes at that level through willingness to allow the change and then applying various receptive, rather than directive, methods. These internal changes integrate as natural detoxification at all levels and often deep healing.

Starting with the pain or reaction alone, there is the potential for deep understanding of the interdependence of the causes and conditions affecting the pain and profound changes are possible.

The power to change comes from the individual, not the facilitator.

We also use similar methods to identify strengths, qualities or areas of health and become more aware of them, strengthen and enhance them so that their expression become more natural and can be integrated into practical living situations.

Another method helps to integrate the polarities that cause inner conflict for peaceful and clarity.

Insight and integration of inner awareness and change is strengthen by journalling or drawing, making the process light yet deeply meaningful.

Effective either as therapeutic intervention methods or ongoing mindfulness meditation techniques and tools for life, they have been embraced enthusiastically by all ages - children over five years old and their parents, youth and adults personally and professionally. Their experiential nature have made them easily accessible for all cultures and traditions and very adaptable for groups and individuals with specific needs or problems.