The Great Global Shift Transformative Meditation


Free with Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw and Shelley Urlando

Starting September 1, 2018

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Time: 2 hours at 12 noon Toronto time ET / 9am Pacific / 5pm UK / 6pm Continental Europe.

Join us on the first day of any month.

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Join us for a monthly quantum shift. You will be guided through a powerful yet light Transformative Mindfulness Methods receptive visualization, Transforming Challenges to Make a Difference, which will gently shift your response to a situation in the world that you are passionate about but may feel disempowered to change. It will help you deepen your compassion and understanding for deep healing, empowered possibilities and clear next steps with courage, joy and confidence. Developed by Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw, author, teacher/facilitator and former Tibetan Buddhist nun.

"I found this to be very powerful. The connection I felt was very strong and moving emotionally, very real.  The opportunity to speak of it to the other participants and, in turn, hear about their experiences helped deepen the moment for me. There is a strong sense of community and compassion generated, that lingers long after the session."                                                                                                              Wayne K, Canada

"I gained insights through the session on so many levels."   J. L., UK 

Inspired by the initiative of FourYears.GO  and Maestroconferencing to make as much of a difference individually as we can in the next four years.  Together, we can add power to the great initiatives of organizations and inspired individuals like you who have taken the challenge to create positive change.

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If this has sparked your interest and you would like to learn more tools to help yourself at any time, join the next Introduction to Transformative Mindfulness Methods telecourse live with Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw.


The Great Global Shift from around the world. Facilitate this exercise in your area or language.

Our 2016 dream is to have groups do this transformative inner world-work in different time zones, creating a transformation that moves across the globe, once a month. We can send you what you need to lead it.

Argentina: Ale Almade in Argentina, who is our first Spanish speaking facilitator of Transformative Mindfulness Methods, saw a need in the Patagonia region and championed the Samantabhadra Stupa, in Epuyen.  She reports,

“During the past few years, two large volcanoes erupted, leaving some towns buried or covered with ashes and constant fires.  Men, women, children, pets, farm and wild animals face physical, mental and spiritual challenges simultaneously. Those directly affected have to leave their homes, lose their jobs, their health is at risk. Anger, frustration, depression, anguish and fear surface quickly and powerlessness is present.

With few reliable methods available, the need to provide efficient, ready-to-use mental tools becomes a priority. I realized that TMM methods would highly benefit people of all ages, cultures or beliefs here. 

I started by leading the Great Global Shift monthly meditation in Spanish to synchronize with Dekyi-Lee’s meditation on the first of each month. We collected at the Samantabhadra Stupa, in Epuyen, Patagonia, as a way to help people, from all the area, to overcome these feelings. By sitting together, exchanging ourselves with someone else or a situation that causes us inner anguish, we mentally work changing hopelessness, fear or other negative feelings that arise, transforming it to wisdom and clarity in what action we can take or not take. It gives us the opportunity to do something about it.”

Mirjana Dechen, coordinator of Chagna Pemo Study Group in Slovenia and the International Project Coordinator for Transformative Mindfulness Methods, has championed The Great Global Shift meditation in Slovenia. “I was concerned about the situation in Slovenia, with everyone feeling powerless. I realized that we needed to do a national Slovenian Great Global Shift video-streamed event. Those who participated were deeply moved at how simply they found a source of benefit within themselves as a new foundation and perspective of challenging times. Surprisingly the meditation was the day before the important presidential elections. I felt we contributed in some small way as the chosen president was a total surprise.”

Comments from participants

Jackie W, USA
It was really really interesting and I think it helped to get a clear answer to what was going on and what I needed to do next. It was a powerful exercise.   

Linda T, Canada

Thank you so much for the Global Meditation session the other week, it was so amazing! I loved the clarity that came through, however I wasn't suprised, as I know how incredible Transformative Mindfulness healing is. I really wanted to share my happy news with you! :)
Directly from that session, here is the action that came through regarding helping a young girl become who she was born to be, her human right as a soul. My sister and I are sponsering
a little 9 year old girl named Binita from Nepal now. We both wanted to make an effort to support and help a young girl somewhere in the world, so went through the "Because I am a Girl" program and I found her after looking quite a lot of pictures of some little girls that need help. It is run through Plan Canada which has been helping children around the world for years and is well established. There was just something about her that just pulled at my heart, her eyes are just so soulful and her energy just spoke to me. We're hoping we can really help make a positive difference Binita's life and help her stay in school and have healthy food and care. We will be able to write to her over the years and even possibly never know. I feel like I have connected with a little soul that I already know and love...I am so happy!
Please could you say a little prayer for Binita, for her safety and wellbeing and that hopefully our sponsering her will be of some help to her.