Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw’s training gives insight and an initial experience of a method which seems simpler and less demanding of clients than the most widely used mindfulness-based therapies (MBSR / MBCT). One can see that Dekyi-Lee speaks from personal experience with many patients, is warm and welcoming, and not least, she sincerely practices what she offers us to learn
Christian G. Jensen, Neuro-Biology Research Unit, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark

Transformative Mindfulness Methods Training path were jointly certified by the Applied Mindfulness Meditation Certificate Program, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto - Options of in-class or remote distance learning modules.

Your training path starts by experiencing the methods for self-care and inquiry, then deepening your self-inquiry and confidence with theory, practical skills and supervised self-practice, peer practice and case studies.



Foundations of Transformative Mindfulness Methods for Self-Care and Inquiry (Level 1) - Distance Learning

Six two-hour interactive sessions live with Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw and Shelley Urlando or 2 days onsite in Toronto.

Deepening Transformative Mindfulness Methods Self-Practice for Personal Inquiry and Self-Care (Level 2) Telecourse - Distance Learning

Six bi-weekly tele-sessions. This includes practice sessions at home, support and final review support interview with Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw and Shelley Urlando

Transformative Mindfulness Methods Certified Practitioner Training  for Inquiry and Intervention (Level 3) Part 1

This supervised training will strengthen confidence applying Transformative Mindfulness Methods with others, through theory, practical skills for clinical application with individuals and groups. Small group work includes five supervised peer practice sessions. The training on-site includes seven days onsite. The teleconferences will include 16 two-hour sessions including 4 peer practice sessions. Students will also apply methods with 12 practice cases with support and feedback. Click here for details of the training content.

Practice reports with findings from self-practice and case-based practice studies will need to be completed before certification. A summary paper will also need to be completed on the integration of theory and practice that includes relationship-based connections like "What did I feel about myself? My client? What did I learn about myself? My client? The method?".

Supervision and support includes a review of peer and practice case reports and self-reflective summary with written feedback or a short phone interview.

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Transformative Mindfulness can be facilitated with people with no prior experience and it can work very quickly - as well as in a group setting. It also works successfully as a community building and consciousness exercise.
Craig Mackie, Program Director, Christie Lake Kids Inner City Program, Toronto, Canada


Medical and mental health professionals complete training in Transformative Mindfulness methods at University of Florence, Italy in March 2010:

The program, initially hosted by the Pain Management Clinic, included several on-site training sessions over two years followed by the practice section of the training, which was supervised via webcam over 5 months. Prof. Piero Dolara, Professor of Pharmacology, offered administrative and academic supervision and international trainer and developer of the methods, Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw facilitated with Valentina Dolara, who also translated and coordinated.

2011-12 Master Degree - Dr. Piero Dolara reports on the successful training of health professionals in Transformative Mindfulness methods, an inaugural Master's Degree program in Meditation and Mindfulness: Neuroscience and Clinical Application in the Helping Professions. The program began January 2011 and, included Transformative Mindfulness intervention methods for the first time in the world. This was offered by the University of Florence, Neurology and Psychiatry Departments in Florence, Italy. It will be reoffered in January 2013.

Research for acute migraines - As well, research was conducted at the university's Centre for Pain Management under the supervision of Dr. Piero Dolara,  to measure the effectiveness in reducing pain and pharmacare for acute migraine sufferers.