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Transformative Mindfulness now in Slovenia

June 15, Mirjana Ogrin successfully coordinated the first remote session with Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw, Introduction to Transforming Problems Receptive Visualization, which is now translated into Slovenian. Contact her for upcoming sessions at

Development of Remote Courses and Training


At the University of Florence, Pharmaceutical Department in Italy, about 15 professionals, made up of psychiatrists, psychotherapists and hospital MDs of various specialties, completed the Transformative Mindfulness Facilitator Training with Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw and Valentina Dolara as the translator and coordinator.  They will be integrating these methods into oncology, palliative care, eating disorders, anesthesiology, physiotherapy and children's mental disorders.

Prof. Piero Dolara, Professor of Pharmacology, who provided academic and organizational supervision, commented, “As a whole the experience was a real success. The participants quickly learned the essentials for approaching the chosen cases, and eagerly applied them. In the last session of the course, they reported the results obtained. These results were mostly very satisfactory. In fact, the techniques employed were accepted eagerly by all patients with no exception, who documented mostly an improvement of the pre-existing condition.  In one case, a strong panic reaction was totally cured. Given the relatively short teaching experience received, the results indicate that the method of transformative mindfulness can be transferred from the main teacher and inventor of the approach to specialized professionals and applied with promising clinical results. This opens also the possibility of organizing future clinical trials to verify the applicability of such methods to different medical and psychological problems as a promising complementary therapeutic approach."

As a result, research with Transformative Mindfulness methods will begin in the autumn collaborating with the Centre for Pain Management. Initial comparative trial groups will focus on headaches and migraines, then later with other specific symptoms.


Medical Applications of Mindfulness and Transformative Mindfulness
by Prof. Piero Dolara, University of Florence, Pharmacology Department

Toulouse, France

Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw trained 40 health, medical, education and social services professionals in an experiential Introduction to Transformative Mindfulness for Self-Healing at Vajrayogini Institute. A group continues to meet monthly to practice, deepen their confidence with the methods and share results. A facilitator training will most likely take place in 2011.