Stories of 16 Guidelines for Life in Canada

For innovators of 16 Guidelines prototype programs around the world 

In Canada
Hamilton, Ontario
Live Happy: Learning by Example by Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw,
a 17-week series
of articles and video interviews from around North America and UK,  
was featured in the Hamilton, Ontario newspaper and news online.
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A reader commented, ”I enjoyed the Contentment video very much, I could watch it everyday.”

Oakville, Ontario
Deborah Seigel
has been introducing the Guidelines to community health organizations and professionals with one-on-one presentations of the Guidelines.
”I have found an immediate genuine interest and confirmation of the need to incorporate the 16 Guidelines in our daily lives. Corporations want their customers and clients to know these are the values in which their company operates as well how their staff conduct themselves. A request has been made to have the guidelines hang visibly in their lobby and on the premises to hold and project their energy!”      

In the monthly sessions conducted at The Centre for Compassion & Wisdom, Burlington participants, some after only one session, have indicated a strong interest in becoming 16 Guideline Facilitators to compliment their personal skill sets to better serve in their role with their current employer or their individual clients.

Toronto Ontario:
Craig Mackie
is facilitating 16 Guidelines and Transformative Mindfulness with two projects:
Working with vulnerable youth (16-17 year olds) in Leadership Training through Trails Youth Initiatives ( This mostly entails teaching the 16 Guidelines as a part of their Leadership in Training curriculum. In this project, material from "The 16 Guidelines at Pine River Institute: Working with Youth in Groups" manual is being used and further developed.

Introducing 16 Guidelines and Transformative Mindfulness into the academic field of mindfulness-based therapeutic practices and group facilitation  This includes doing a workshop at "The Arts for Social and Environmental Justice Symposium" in May hosted by the Laurier Centre for Music in the Community of Wilfrid Laurier University and The Royal Conservatory, in partnership with ISIS-Canada and the European Graduate School. This workshop will focus on Transformative Mindfulness techniques that can inform Arts-Based Social and Environmental Justice education. Other academic workshops on the horizon include the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto, "Symposium on Mindfulness Practise and Research in Therapeutic Settings."