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Just released...please join us to celebrate our new android app on Google Play!


Mind Art

A new approach to mindfulness

Designed by Geoff Falk, Mask Media www.maskmedia.org. and developed by Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw of Transformative Mindfulness International and faculty at the Inter-professional Applied Mindfulness Meditation Certificate Program, University of Toronto. Used since 1991 by parents, youth, adults and healthcare professionals in 16 countries and four languages.

Available on Android/Tablets for only $2.99! Includes relaxation, body scan, Transformative Exercises and Recordings of Sessions for future use. Will be available for iOS/Apple/iPhone in 2015, release dates to follow.

Active The fun way to meditate
Develop yourself through active exploration and visualization techniques.

Visual On screen instructions with full illustrations

Guiding you through meditations with and without audio. Perfect for public transport!

Journal Keep a record of your practice
Refer back to your previous sessions to aid personal growth and transformation.


Go to: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.maskmedia.tmmapp app OR http://www.mindart.ca/

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Mind Art meditations are adapted from Transformative Mindfulness Methods. For certified courses and training, go to www.transformativemindfulness.com