How to book a private Transformative Mindfulness healing session with Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw or another certified practitioner

Thank you for your interest in a private telephone Transformative Mindfulness healing session. Here's how to do it.

  1. Email us at  asking for a session.
  2. Include your
    1. Name
    2. Date of Birth
    3. Land line phone number and cell if you have one for emergency check-in (but not the session call)
    4. Skype address if you would like to do it this way.
    5. Address
    6. Email address
    7. Some specific information about your needs.
    8. Times and dates that you are available.
    9. Which facilitator, geographical area or language you would like to connect with.
  3. The facilitator will confirm a date and  time and email that to you.

    If you would like a particular practitioner, we will refer your request directly to them and they will respond by email with a date and time. You can finalize that directly with them.
    If you would like to discuss which practitioner would best suit your needs, please email us at
  4. Sessions are $95 and can last from 1 to 1 1/2 hours.
  5. Once confirmed, prior to your session, pay by clicking here.
  6. Under Personal Telephone Self-Healing Session with Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw and certified TMM facilitators, click on the PayPal button and follow the instructions to pay.
  7. You are ready for your session. Be sure to mark your calendar and call on time. 24 hours notice is needed to reschedule the appointment or cancel if you would like a refund.



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