Try Transformative Mindfulness Methods for yourself

Here are three ways you can start.

There are several ways you can start to experience these compassionate methods:

1. Experience five key exercises guided by Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw in a Telecourse

In six 1 ½ to 2 hour sessions, Dekyi-Lee, the developer of these methods, will gently guide you to easily and creatively help you  to become more aware and able to understand and manage what is happening physically or in your life, transform pain or  mental challenges and strengthen health and positive qualities. You will gain new, simple exercises that you can use yourself whenever you need them by using the audio recording of the sessions that will be sent to you.

Register for Discovering Transformative Mindfulness Methods for Self-Healing (Level 1) Telecourse
6 sessions every two we
eks. Maximum 20 people. Next courses begins
Thursday February 21, 2013 at 7 pm ET (Toronto, Canada)

Important opportunity!
If you would like to train as a Transformative Mindfulness Methods Practitioner (Level 2 and 3), certified by University of Toronto’s Applied Mindfulness Program, Faculty of Social Work beginning in late June 2013 (for 4 months), this is your ONLY chance to complete the prerequisite Level 1 course prior to the training. This distance learning training is available to you anywhere in the world FOR THE FIRST TIME.

2.  Join us FREE on the first day of each month. Great Global Shift Transformative Meditation.

Join others from around the world to make a difference by shifting what you are passionate about into more understanding and compassionate action. Join us from your phone or Skype from anywhere in the world.
Next telesession: Friday February 1 at 12 pm Toronto time/5pm UK/6pm Continental Europe

3. TRY IT FREE – Download our free main exercise, Transforming Problems.
Use it now to start shifting the underlying cause of any illness, pain or challenging situation in your life right now. 
Simply go to our download webpage. A download will be emailed to you in English, French, Spanish or Italian.