Transformative Mindfulness Methods Courses and Training Path








1. LEVEL 1 INTRO: Discovering Transformative Mindfulness Methods for Inquiry (Level 1) Telecourse:

  • Personal experience and introduction to methods
  • You can use the methods for self-practice.
  • Certificate of attendence granted by Transformative Mindfulness International
  • available on-site or distance learning (Telesessions)

Next course date: 2019 dates to be posted soon

Jointly certified by Applied Mindfulness Meditation Certificate Program, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto and Transformative Mindfulness International


2.  LEVEL 2 PRACTICE: Deepening Transformative Mindfulness for Inquiry and Intervention - Telecourse

  • Deepening personal experience
  • Gain flexibility and confidence with different applications the exercises
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the foundation and neuroscience of each
  • You can use the methods for self-practice
  • Certificate of completion is granted by Transformative Mindfulness International.

Next course date: Nov 21, 2018 to Jan 30, 2019


3.  LEVEL 3 Transformative Mindfulness Methods Certified Practitioner Training (distance learning or on-campus)


Level 3 Part 1: TRAINING

  • Training path continues by experiencing the methods, then deepening with self-inquiry and gaining confidence with a variety of applications through supervised self-practice, peer practice and case studies.
  • This level focuses on gaining experience, confidence and practice experience
  • You are granted permission to use these methods for individual counseling and intervention to add to existing professional skills
  • In this level a process of specialization of application starts (eg. cancer support, end of life support, youth at risk, abuse, anxiety, corporate stress, etc.)
  • Additional: Detailed registration form.

  • TMM Level 3 Practitioner Training Certificate will be conjointly granted from the Interprofessional Applied Mindfulness Meditation Program, Continuing Education, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto and Transformative Mindfulness International.

Next course date: no date scheduled

Level 3 Part 2: APPLICATION & SUPERVISION:  Transformative Mindfulness Methods Certified Practitioner

  • 12 months of post-program practice, support and continuing education provided by Transformative Mindfulness International.
  • Practitioners will be expected to contribute shared practice experience and knowledge with a TMM community of practitioners.
  • Includes:
    • Peer support with practice, application and adaptation
    • Monthly meeting (teleconference or local TMM group)
    • Annual review of case studies, experiences and applications
    • Networking and collaboration with TMI international community of practitioner
  • Certification will be reviewed annually to maintain quality of practice including a review of applications and case studies as well as collaboration with the international TMM community

4. LEVEL 4 TRAINING: TransformativeMindfulness Methods Certified Group Facilitator Training

  • This training builds on Level 3 Parts 1 and 2 and includes skills training, program design and adaptation for facilitating these methods in groups with specific needs. Gain confidence through practical application and practice supervision with groups.
  • You can lead Level 1, Level 2 and collaborate with TMI to design adaptations for specific audiences and needs. - this means that facilitators can run courses in their centers and independently.
  • This Level 4 Certification is granted by University of Toronto with Transformative Mindfulness International.

5. LEVEL 5: Certified Master Train the Trainer

  • This level will be available only for certified facilitators with long term experience with groups and individuals who embody the ethics of Universal Education for Compassion and Wisdom (See and TMI and have actively been involved in the TMI community of practitioners, projects and development.
  • It is limited to 1 or 2 individuals per continent/region, language or specialized application.
  • These trainers will be invited and mentored by Transformative Mindfulness International.