Transformative Mindfulness Self-Healing Meditation with Shelley Urlando

     Hosted by The Centre for Compassion & Wisdom Transformative Mindfulness Self-Healing Meditation with Shelley Urlando

4 week Series on Sat mornings – Feb 4 to 25 – 10am to 11:30am

Indulge yourself in a sampling of natural self-healing methods and restful meditations. Feel empowered to transform your response to challenging situations in relationships, especially ones that tend to repeat themselves time and again. Strengthen positive qualities that bring about acceptance and kindness towards yourself and others. Draw on the power of your mind to reduce or eliminate physical and mental pain. These simple yet extremely effective meditations are practical to use every day to help you find peace and clarity as life changes. An insightful opportunity for beginners, and a deepening for those experienced in meditation.

Location: Holy Cross Lutheran Church, 3455 Lakeshore Rd. Burlington, Ontario Canada

Course fee: $60. We wish everyone to feel welcome to attend. If you are experiencing financial restraints, please phone 905 296-3728 to request a bursary.

Registration: You may simply pay by cheque or cash at the door at the first session. However, you must register in advance. You can register easily by emailing me at OR by phoning 905 296-3728 and leaving a voicemail.

Shelley Urlando has led various workshops and weekly meditation series for adults and seniors. She is especially skilled at helping you make family life a meditation in itself. Shelley is a certified facilitator of Transformative Mindfulness and creator of Mind Blast for Kids and Teens, a uniquely designed program utilizing these methods with experiential activities and creative expression. It is a fun and effective way to strengthen and nurture the mind, building greater self-confidence and brings a deeper understanding to life experience. Her weekly series and workshops have incorporated both Transformative Mindfulness techniques and/or practical exercises based on the book 16 Guidelines for Life.



Shelley Urlando relates to

Shelley Urlando relates to the troubles of patients and give them simple meditation lessons. Her meditation series have proven to be of great help to quite a lot of people. Please also visit: Website Designing India.

This is an exceptional

This is an exceptional prospect for those new to meditation to knowledge extremely realistic meditations that you can use every day to find quiet and clarity as life changes.

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