Application of Transformative Mindfulness Methods

Transformative Mindfulness Methods can be introduced and integrated into diverse applications.

They have been introduced as counselling, independent programs or integrated into programs in education, social services, healthcare, human resources and advocacy. Parents through to mental and medical healthcare professionals have embraced their universal accessibility and experiential nature to help children from 7 years to end-of-life care.

Certified Facilitators who led these are also noted below.


  • Dundas High School - girls phys. Ed, Dundas Canada – Lori Goldblatt
  • Gary Allen High School , Burlington, Canada - Alana Bliss


  • Hockey Teams, Oakville, Canada – Teresa Beckett
  • Home Schooling Sports Program (YMCA), Oakville, Canada – Teresa Beckett


  • Northern School of Medicine, Canada – Transformative Mindfulness Methods for Healthcare Professionals – Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw
  • University of Florence,  Dept. of , Neurology, Psychiatry and Pharmacology Departments, Italy, Transformative Mindfulness Methods in Masters Program: Mindfulness and Meditation: Clinical and Neurological Application for Healthcare Professionals --Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw, Valentina Dolara, Prof. Piero Dolara
  • Hamilton Health Sciences, Palliative Care Consultation Team, Canada – Deepening Compassion in Palliative Care – Valerie Spironello, Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw


  • St. Anthony’s Hospital, Cardiac Rehab, Australia – Heal Your Own Heart Program – Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw


  • Wellspring Cancer Support, Canada – Shelley Urlando, Lesia Tymochenko, Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw
  • Cancer Support Groups, Patagonia, Argentina – Alejandra Almade
  • Cancer Support Group, Ancaster, Canada - Lori Goldblatt, Teresa Beckett


  • Clinical Trials - Centro  Cefalee (Headache Centre) and Clinical Pharmacology, Department of Pre-Clinical and Clinical Pharmacology of the University Hospital Careggi, Italy. – Valentina Dolara and Prof. Piero Dolara
  • Transformative Mindfulness International - Burlington, Canada - Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw

Staff Self-Care

  • McMaster University – Una West
  • Hamilton Health Sciences - Valerie Spironello, Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw
  • TD Canada Trust Bank, Burlington – Una West
  • Parole Board of Canada, Ottawa – Craig Mackie, Sharon Babineau, Dekyi-Lee Oldersha
  • Social Workers Conference, Burlington – Una West
  • Halton Catholic School Board, ESL Teachers – Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw
  • Community Care Access Centres, Hamilton – Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw

Social Services and Mental Health:

  • Mindblast  For Kids – Shelley Urlando
  • Still Studio, Canada - Lori Goldblatt
  • Sacred Valley orphanage, Peru – Ana Montero
  • Christie Lake Kids, Ottawa – Craig Mackie
  • Carpe Diem Foster Homes, Canada – Teresa Beckett
  • Education Universale Children’s Camp, France – Hilary McMichael

Youth and youth at risk and addictions

  • Trails Youth Initiatives, Canada – Craig Mackie
  • Pine River Institute, Orangeville, Canada – Craig Mackie
  • Mindblast for Youth, Mississauga, Canada – Shelley Urlando
  • Still Studio, Ancaster, Canada – Lori Goldblatt
  • Christie Lake Kids, Ottawa, Canada – Craig Mackie
  • Compassion and Peace Association of Canada -self-harm and suicide prevention"Alone together: Out of the Shadows" – a collection of the youth work  which also includes TMM methods from – Una West and Blake Bliss
  • Blake Bliss – YouTube Channels – reaching over 60,000 youth at risk internationally – Blake Bliss


  • Women’s Abuse Centre, Brisbane,  Australia - Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw
  • Women’s Centre of Halton, Canada –  Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw, Melvina Walters, Sheilagh Mercer
  • Kenora Women’s Centre, Canada - Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw
  • Anishinaabe Abinoojii Family Services, Canada - Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw
  • Catholic Family Serives, Canada - Shelley Urlando, Lori Goldblatt


  • Aids Council of Queensland, Australia – for women living with HIV over 10 years - – Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw

Adult Psychotherapy and Counseling

  • France – Georges Jouvre
  • Canada – Valerie Spironello
  • Canada – Kathryn Zettle

Adults - General

  • Centre for Compassion & Wisdom, Canada  – Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw, Shelley Urlando, Lesia Tymochenko, Valerie Spironello


  • Columbus Centre of Toronto, Canada – Shelley Urlando and Lesia Tymochenko
  • Shalom Village, Hamilton, Canada - Lori Goldblatt

Hospice and Long Term Care

  • Bob Kemp Hospice, Hamilton, Canada  – Una West
  • Shalom Village, Hamilton, Canada  – Lori Goldblatt
  • Kasih Hospice, Kuala Lumpur ,Malaysia - Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw
  • Karuna Hospice, Brisbane, Australia - – Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw

Correctional Services

  • Lurigancho Prison‏, Peru – Ana Montero


  • Australia and Canada – Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw

General and Academic

  • Inter-professional Applied Mindfulness Meditation Certificate Program, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto, Canada - Transformative Mindfulness for Inquiry and Intervention Practitioner Training – Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw
  • Florence University of the Arts, Happiness Science Department, School of Global Studies -  Developing Mind Potential –Valentina Dolara
  • Schesis Post Graduate Training for mental health professionals, Italy - Schesis is a regionally supported training teaches a new holistic approach to mental health care in the public health system- Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw
  • Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom – Patron: The Dalai Lama – Universal Education Gathering, 16 Guidelines for Life workshops  and Facilitator Training  - Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw