Maestroconference Free and Inexpensive Call-in Options

We have received further explanation on how to resolve technical difficulties and which call in options are most reliable. We will put them in order of reliability and convenience.


ALWAYS HELPFUL: Call in 15 minutes beforehand as we will be better able to help you in case of difficulties. Dial  your access code very slowly.



You have several options to reduce this cost:

  1. Check with your local phone provider to see what long distance plans they offer. You could extend your plan for international calls for the period of the course if you are calling from overseas. Remember to use the same access code in the reminder. Additional California Access numbers that you can try if you have trouble with the phone number sent to you in your Maestroconference reminder, are below.
  2. Purchase a cheap long distance telephone card at your local store.
  3. Use Maestroconference's International Dial-in Access numbers to save costs (see in the end)

IMPORTANT: If many callers use this numbers they might NOT work. See also options for calling in from computer.


FROM YOUR COMPUTER (using a headphone with mic is important)

  1. BEST OPTION: Call in Using Skype credit to call your Maestroconference number and access number - this seems to still be the best solution

Open a Skype account and follow their directions

For a prepaid Skype plan - 2.2 cents per minute - Pay as you go.

Or monthly subscription for the time of the course for $2.99/month from Canada and inexpensive from Europe to California - that is $1.50 per telesession. Click here

  1. MCDialer to call in for FREEDownload and test this ahead of time! Easy to connect and the quality can be unreliable. Created by Maestroconference, it is toll free from anywhere in the world and has a radically higher capacity than the skype solution. Maestroconference has developed it to resolve issues with Skpe and it works very well.

To download MC Dialer and for more information go to:

  1. Last option: Skype-in FREE number (the Skype user name is mcdirect1 or maestro4294) - this has been unreliable

Instructions on how to use Skype to access a call:
1. Once logged in to your Skype account search for maestro4294 and/or mcdirect1 and add it to your Skype list.
2. It may take a few minutes to locate then select it. It will ask to send a reply back - no need to put info there. Just select it.

3. Click Call (same as if you would be calling your Skype friend).

4. Once calling be patient! It may take up to 1-2 minutes before you are prompted enter your PIN number (for doing that you will need a dial pad). To get to the dial pad go in the top of the Skype window click Call and select Show Dial pad. This will allow you to enter the PIN. (Note: dial pad can be activated only after you started the calling)

5. Enter in the pin number after the prompt and you will have access to your conference call.

IMPORTANT: there is a 25 caller limit on skype connections for the entire Maestro platform. Some might be able to "skype-in" to the call, but it there more people calling in than that, this option will not work. As a backup you might consider still having Skype credit.



Open a GTalk account
When you open your Gmail:

1. On the left hand side of the screen click on your user name

2. It will expand to include “CALL PHONE”

3. Click on “CALL PHONE” and a dial pad comes up

4. Use that dial pad to call the number in California and to enter your access code

5. During this call when we ask you to press a button use this same dial pad to enter those numbers for your feedback and answers.

6. More info here:



If you can't get onto the call (to the music playing), we will be available if you need support before or during our calls through Skype. Our Skype username is: TMM Community

Alternatively, if you are trying to get on with Skype, you can call our cell in Canada +1 289 259 8272. Someone can help you.


My PIN is not recognized

Unfortunately sometimes the telephone companies are not transmitting the PIN correctly to Maestro. One option to resolve this is to enter your PIN with 2-3 seconds pause in between the digits.

Another option is to register your personal home phone number on this page:



Here are additional California numbers that can be used - Remember to use the same access pin number that you received in your reminder.

(530) 216-4294

(916) 235-1003

(805) 747-4187

(619) 309-1058

(323) 393-4046

(949) 202-1057

(310) 409-2027

(408) 520-2444

(916) 469-4760

(530) 216-4363

USA - The following can be used to access Maestroconference

(408) 740-6030

(916) 469-4790

(510) 281-1111

(510) 281-1110

(510) 281-1109

(510) 281-1108

(510) 281-1106

(805) 221-2287

(530) 216-4293

(510) 281-1112

(510) 281-1113

(510) 281-1114

(916) 469-4750

International access numbers - Remember to use the same access pin number that you received in your reminder.

Australia:         +61 280114954

Chile:               +5625709889

France:            +33 8 21 61 05 86

Spain:              +34 902 881 203

UK:                  +44 844 4733032

Italy:                +39 848 391 844

UK:                  +44 2071931545

South Africa:   +27 87 550 0677

Hong Kong:     +52 5584214214

Hungary:         +85 281990473

Mexico:           +36 212523870

Finland:           +35 8923164593

Germany         +49 1803 002 073

Sweden:          +46850164384

Denmark:        +45 36934670

Switzerland:    +41 84 820 7427

Belgium:          +32 7 035 4807

Austria:            +43 04 000 1505

Poland:            +48 80 100 3524

Holland:           +31 0870 001 980

Ireland:            +353 0818 270 066


You'll find the information on how to connect via computer or when outside of the US on this page:




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